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Tag: sweet potato

  • Sweet Potato Hand Pies (made with pre-made dough)

    Sweet Potato Hand Pies (made with pre-made dough)

    Summary There are few things better than homemade sweet potato pie. But one of those few things is sweet potato hand pies. The convenience, portability, and the feeling that this whole delicious thing is just for you?! Priceless. And, for us crust-lovers, it doesn’t hurt that all of the filling is completely surrounded by a…

  • Sweet Potato Biscuits

    Sweet Potato Biscuits

    It’s sweet potato season! So that means making sweet potato versions of EVERYTHING. These sweet potato biscuits are slightly sweet with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg that goes perfectly with breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They can also be topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream, or cream cheese frosting and paired with fresh fruit for…

  • Four of my favorite ways to enjoy sweet potatoes

    Four of my favorite ways to enjoy sweet potatoes

    It’s sweet potato season! Literally. Fall (from late October to December) is peak season for the root vegetable that has become a popular substitute for its not-so-sweet potato cousins. Sweet potato fries. Hash. Gnocchi. If someone has made a dish using white, red, or yukon gold potatoes, chances are someone has also developed a recipe…