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  • Honey Pecan Granola

    Honey Pecan Granola

    Granola can be enjoyed by itself or as a topping and there are countless ways to make it – adding nuts, dried fruits, spices, and more to the traditional rolled oats base. Make yogurt bowls at home. Pair the granola with fresh fruit, jams, cookie butter, and other spreads for a healthy homemade snack. Your…

  • Honey Butter

    Honey Butter

    This honey butter recipe is super simple and is a quick way to take your biscuits, toast, bagels, croissants, dinner rolls, etc. to the next level. There are only 4 ingredients, most of which you probably already keep on hand so whipping up this delicious spread will be incredibly rewarding for minimal effort! Ingredients you’ll…

  • Orange and Honey Soy Kale

    Orange and Honey Soy Kale

    I wasn’t always a fan of kale. For a long time, it was too harsh for me to eat as the lettuce for my salads. I didn’t like it braised like collard or mustard greens. I used it to blend into smoothies, but nothing else was working for me. Meanwhile the world around me was…

  • Quick & Delicious Orange and Honey Soy Glaze

    Quick & Delicious Orange and Honey Soy Glaze

    If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for different ways to flavor your food. Salt and pepper go a long way. Garlic and onion (in both their fresh and powdered forms) are pretty much enough to make anything delicious. But when you’re looking for something quick, easy, and super delicious multi-purpose marinade/sauce/dressing/glaze, this 3-…